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Project Safety

GR Construction and Site Development have developed a safety policy which is distributed to all our Trade Contractors. This document identifies GR’s expectations and policies relative to the safety rules and safe working procedures. The policy outlines the basics rules with consideration to site planning, housekeeping, and stockpiling materials on the site, but also identifies the safety hazards that are commonly found on the construction sites. To achieve a safer work environment, every employee and contractor must know how to work safely and must apply this knowledge at all times. The Sub-trades are required to review the document and return them signed with their contract.

The law requires our compliance with the current version of the Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations for Construction Projects. This Act and the regulations are an integral part of our safety program. Protective equipment and systems are not just personal responsibility, but also a requirement.

Our safety policy defines the roles and responsibilities of the personnel and the committees involved in the safety process. On-site health and safety representation and joint Labour/Management Health and Safety Committees(Project Size Dependent) are required and responsible for all safety issues including regular site inspections and enforcement and implementation of safety related procedures.

In addition to the requirements of the application construction health and safety
legislation, our Safety Plan requires that all Trade Contractors:

• Comply with the GR Construction and Site Development Safety Policy and ensure that all workers understand and work in accordance with same.

• Submit a copy of his own corporate safety policy prior to contract award and prior to commencing the work, complete with a letter stating that they have reviewed same with all associated workers.

• Furnish proof of compliance with all regulations applicable to workplace Safety & Insurance Act.

• Notify GR Construction and Site Development of any accident immediately after occurrence.

• Complete a weekly “Foreman’s 5 minute Talk” with all the workers and submit a copy of the completed record form to the Construction Manager. Forms are available from the Project Manager.

• Failure to comply with any of the foregoing may result in the Trade Contractors removal from the site and/or appropriate corrective action to be taken against the Trade Contractor.


The Project Superintendent will check on a daily basis that any equipment used by any Subcontractor on site is in good working order and is of proper size and function to carry out the intended work. This information will be recorded on the Superintendent’s daily report sheets. Any equipment not in safe working order or of inappropriate size will be removed from site.

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